1. Conditions to be met by an Applicant
  2. Conditions to be met by Transpacific Certifications Limited

Conditions to be met by an Applicant

An organisation shall –

  • At all times comply with these Regulations
  • Submit an application for Registration on the prescribed form Conforming acceptance to all Terms & conditions as per this proposal Format for all addresses from which activities within the organisation’s proposed scope of registration are arranged or carried out. It is the responsibility of the Applicant, to satisfy them the proposed scope of registration meets their requirements.
  • Use the Registered Symbol in accordance with the conditions defined in
    Appendix B.
  • Claim by implication that the organisation is entitled to use it, or claim conforms to the relevant System only from the addresses stated on the Certificate of Registration and only in respect of the scope of the organisation’s Registration outlined in the Certificate of Registration.
  • Maintain and document a System in accordance with the relevant System Standard and make available to Transpacific Certifications Limited copies of all or part of the documented System should Transpacific Certifications Limited require it for reference purposes.
  • maintain a record of customer complaints & will give
    unrestricted access to the representatives of Transpacific Certifications Limited. And Accreditation Body
  • Do not vary the relevant System under which any Certificate of Registration is issued during the period of the registration unless Transpacific Certifications Limited have received notice in writing of its intention to do so and have received written confirmation from Transpacific Certifications Limited that such variations do not render the Certificate of Registration invalid
  • Discontinue any use of the Registered Symbol, which is unacceptable to Transpacific Certifications Limited and any form of statement of reference to the authority of the organisation to be registered under the System, which in the opinion of Transpacific Certifications Limited might be misleading.
  • Permit representatives of Transpacific Certifications Limited & to the representatives of its accreditation body JAS-ANZ for which the Accredited certificates have been issued unrestricted access during normal working hours to the premises where work which is subject to the Certificate of Registration is carried out, for the purpose of examining materials, processes, products, methods of test, records, data and systems or establishing that the procedures for termination of registration described in Regulation 2.1.9 have been carried out.
  • Provide office accommodation for the duration of the audit and the organisation’s Management Representative shall be present throughout the audit.
  • Nominate, for the approval of Transpacific Certifications Limited, a management representative and one or more deputies authorised to act in the main nominee’s absences who shall be responsible for all matters in connection with the requirements of the Certificate of Registration and who shall, upon each visit by the representative of Transpacific Certifications Limited sign a declaration to the effect that any changes in processes and procedures or other information relevant to the Certification have been notified to Transpacific Certifications Limited.
  • Upon termination of the Certificate of Registration, however determined, forthwith discontinue the use of the Registered Symbol and all advertising matter, which contains it or any reference thereto. Any other documents in the possession of the organisation, which bear reference to the Certificate shall, if Transpacific Certifications Limited so requires, have such references erased.
  • An organisation shall pay –
    • A fee for audit, surveillance, supervision, re-issue or endorsement of the Certificate of Registration and administration which are determined from time to time by Transpacific Certifications Limited to be fair and appropriate directly or to the Marketing Representative and obtain of receipt from us on his/her behalf.
    • a final audit fee upon termination of the Registration, however determined, if such audit is deemed appropriate by Transpacific Certifications Limited.
    • any additional costs incurred by Transpacific Certifications Limited due to the organisation’s non-conformity with the Regulations.

Conditions to be met by Transpacific Certifications Limited

Transpacific Certifications Limited shall –

  • Send a representative to the organisation at their discretion but in any case not less than once in any year in which the organisation is marketing and selling products or services for which registration is granted for the purpose of verifying that the obligations relevant to the Certificate of Registration are being carried out.
  • Give adequate notice of a visit by any Transpacific Certifications Limited Auditor and/or audit team.
  • Notify the organisation of any changes in an applicable Standard which in the opinion of the Certification Manager is reasonable and sufficient to modify or adjust its processes and procedures to meet the revised requirements.
  • Do not disclose any information or records concerning the organisation, other than information which is in public domain. And shall not disclose any of clients’ information or records to anyone except to Accreditation Body i.e JAS-ANZ or NABCB for which the client has required the accreditated certificate .if Client has obtained Accreditated certification from both JAS-ANZ & NABCB than TCL can disclose any information or records to both JAS-ANZ & NABCB and both AB’s can have access to client’s files otherwise in case if a client has opted for certification from any one Accreditation Body , TCL cannot disclose any information or records to other Accreditation body without written consent of client
  • Notify the organisation at his discretion of customer complaints relating to the conforms of products, process or service with the order requirement
  • Maintain a register of organisations, which shall be available to the public at Transpacific Certifications Limited’s Headquarters, 32/22, Third Floor, East Patel Nagar, New Delhi – 110008, or at www.tclcertifications.com. or at respective country office of the origin of the certifications.

The detailed procedure and information describing TCL audit processes and certification processes for granting, refusing, maintaining, renewing, suspending, restoring or withdrawing certification or expanding or reducing the scope of certification and about the certification activities, types of management systems and geographical areas in which TCL operates can be obtained on request by sending email to [email protected]