Organisation decides to seek registration to a International Standard and requests a quotation. Quotation issued based upon completed questionnaire. Where necessary a site visit may be organised to explain the quotation and/or the benefits of Transpacific Certifications Limited ’s certification service.


Organisation accepts quotation by Signing Application for Registration and gives its authorisation to proceed. Including acceptance of this Quote Proposal At this Phase a Lead Auditor is assigned


Phase 1 Registration audit. This is an on-site/off site audit aimed at establishing the degree to which the organisation operates a conforming ISO 9001/ISO 14001/ISO 22000/OHSAS/HACCP/SA-8000/ISMS verifying the organisation’s Management System framework is in place; verifying the organisation’s internal controls give sufficient confidence in the Management System; verifying there is sufficient evidence of compliance of Documented system as per requirement of Standard for which Registration is Sought and finally if the organisation progressed to the Phase 2 registration audit, it stands a reasonable chance of being successful.


Phase 2 Registration audit. This is an on-site audit aimed at determining whether or not there is sufficient evidence of compliance with the requirements of the National and/or International Standard. The audit team also check the effectiveness, adequacy and suitability of the management system. At the closing meeting the audit team shall issue a recommendation. If the organisation is not happy with the recommendation of the audit team, the Applicant may lodge an appeal.


  • The Evaluation Team reviews all audit team recommendations and if satisfied there is sufficient evidence the organisation’s management system meets the requirements of the National or International Standard, a certificate of registration shall be issued or renewed. The certificate of registration shall be valid for three years. During this period the organisation’s management system shall be audited to verify the organisation’s management system continues to meet the requirements of the National and/or International Standard. The number and/or frequency of surveillance audits shall be determined by the status and importance of the organisations internal and Transpacific Certifications Limited’s audits. At the end of the three-year period the organisation’s management system shall be subject to a re-assessment.
  • Inevitably, management system standards are subject to periodic change (approximately every 5 years) and amended or additional requirements may emerge. It is Transpacific Certifications Limited ’s policy to work with clients to ensure compliance with the new and/or amended requirements at the earliest practical opportunity as preferred by the client. Where National and/or International Accreditation Bodies have set specific timescales these dates shall take precedence.

Statement of Impartiality

“Transpacific Certifications Limited (TCL) aims to provide quality oriented and value based services in the field of third party auditing and certification/registration. TCL carries out its certification activities in an impartial manner and exercises utmost care in managing conflict of interest and ensuring objectivity in certification process and decision making. TCL endeavours to maintain independence in certification activities without influence of any commercial, financial or other interests.”

Managing Director


If a client or any interested party is interested to know about TCL audit and certification processes for granting, refusing, maintaining, renewing, suspending, resorting or withdrawing certification or expanding or reducing the scope of certification and about the certification activities, types of management systems and geographical areas in which it operates, the same can be obtained by making a request at [email protected].