GHG Validation and Verification

GHG Validation and Verification Services

GHG Validation and Verification Services

Greenhouse gases (GHGs) have a global warming potential and organizations are required to measure and manage their carbon footprint. Kyoto Protocol and recent Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, highlight the urgency of addressing the climate change. Therefore, third party verification and validation of the greenhouse gases is an essential part of many voluntary and mandatory carbon reporting programs. As more and more organizations get involved in implementing GHG emission programs and policies are implemented to abide by greenhouse gas regulations, there will be a rapidly increasing demand for verification of GHG emission reports and validation of GHG accounting programs.

TCL has responded to this challenge and is in advanced stage of accreditation for scheme of GHG Validation and Verification as per ISO 14065. TCL aims to provide greater confidence to the organizations who are investing in and implementing GHG reduction schemes as well as other customers/stakeholders who prefer to purchase products/services from organizations that claim to reduce their GHG emissions.

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