Personnel Certification Schemes


Today’s economy is characterized by fast expanding knowledge, rapid advancements in technology and adoption of the same in day to day lives of the people. Quite often this results in inconsistency in education and training, which highlights the need of qualified and skilled personnel to perform the tasks that they are competent to perform. Ultimate objective is to improve public safety, society, environment and to grant recognition to personnel possessing specified competence.

Personnel certification schemes are aimed at improving and advancing performance of people through development and application of specific competence criteria that addresses the needs of workers, industry, regulators, and the general public. Personnel certification programs are meant to certify an individual knowledge within a specific subject area, by conducting an assessment to measure competence of an individual against objectively identified criteria and then providing formal recognition that is universally acceptable.

TCL has launched personnel certification programs  as per ISO 17024 :2003 for Auditors, Lead Auditors, Internal Auditor, Consultants and Management Representatives for various management systems, viz., QMS, EMS, FSMS, ISMS, OHSAS, ISO 13485, etc. Additional personnel certification programs for Security PersonnelWeldersWelding InspectorsRoad Inspectors,Lift operators,Lift Inspectors,Crane operators, Drivers  are currently under development. You can fill online application by clicking at the appropriate programme.

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