Vision, Mission and Values of Transpacific Certifications Limited


To be a world-class company in the field of certification & registration services, creating value for customers and stakeholders.


To build and sustain a position of leadership by providing quality oriented certification & registraion services to worldwide markets in the field of management systems and other potential areas.


  • Zeal to excel
  • Teamwork and solidarity
  • Openness to possibilities
  • Integrity and fairness in all matters
  • Social and environmental responsibility
  • Improvement through knowledge and constant learning


  • To operate Certification/Registration & Inspection services for total satisfaction of client organizations by ensuring that no major non-conformity is observed by accreditation bodies.
  • To provide quality and value-based services, through completion of certification/registration process in a time bound manner.
  • To achieve continued / sustained business growth.
  • To maintain credibility of certification services by minimizing exceptions from stakeholders.
  • To improve capability of human resources by upgrading skills and competencies.


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